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Shetland Pony by Troels Dalberg

Shetland Pony by Troels Dalberg

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Published by Troels Dalberg (Denmark)

This book will take you on a journey through more than 2,000 years of the Shetland pony’s dramatic ‘roller-coaster’ history. Introducing you to the important basics of caring for your pony, its breeding and its useful employment, all in the context of understanding the birthplace and home of these unique ponies; The Shetland Islands.

All this fantastic history is presented in 400 pages, fully illustrated by some of the world’s best equine and wildlife photographers. In addition to the many photographs, Thelwell’s brilliant cartoons are used  to capture the essence of the Shetland pony that you will all know and love.

Many people all over the world keep these plucky little ponies for pleasure, for their children’s first introduction to a future life in the saddle, or for anything else equestrian sport has to offer. Some of us never forsake our beloved Shetland ponies, appreciating the motto “You’ll never outgrow a Shetland

This book is an absolute must for any Shetland pony owner, but it is also a fascinating book for any equestrian or pony-lover, full of interesting facts, stories and information.

Beautifully produced, in hardback, to the highest standards, this book makes an ideal gift or investment, that will be treasured.

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